I keep losing my connection. What should I do?

Q: I keep losing my connection. What should I do?
A: There are a number of reasons why you get disconnected from the game. We have fast & under-utilized servers & a direct internet backbone connection via extremely fast 100 MB /S full duplex lines.
Depending on your location, however, there can be up to 20-30 intermediate networks that connect you to us - each of them is a potential point of an 'occasional' failure. Although quite rare, but our Tier 1 network can have short term outages as well.
To minimize the chance of disconnection, avoid downloading files, receiving mail, using VoIP phones, or other bandwidth-consuming applications during your playtime. The fewer applications you are running, the better the game functioning and chances of winning.
A network quality meter is available during the game, located on the bottom right corner of the game screen; it indicates the quality of your connectivity to our server.
The meter has a mobile phone antenna-style. The meter readings may be interpreted as follows (ping times are roundtrip times between you and our server):





Very Good






No connection


The meter reading is refreshed every 3 seconds.
Note that the quality of your connection to your ISP, the quality of their connection to the internet backbones, and the quality of all paths between them and our servers will have an impact on the speed of your connection.
If your connectivity is less than optimal for your modem speed and location, then somewhere on the internet — between your computer and our server - conditions are less than optimal.

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    I get into the game but cannot "join". If it let's me join it won't let me play. Then it will kick me out and tell me "connectivity with game disconnect". Everyhting else on my computer is working. I have shut it down and opened it many times. Cant get it to work.

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