What is the refund or cancellation policy?

Q: What is the refund or cancellation policy?
A: With a commitment to fairness, we will investigate the possibility of a refund upon notification from a player of a game error. If we determine that the game engine, host server or website was at fault, we will refund the entry fee to the affected player's account within 24 to 48 hours of the discovered error. There is a limit of one refund per player per competition entry. All refunds will be deposited into a player's account; no cash will ever be mailed to a player. While we will make periodic efforts to review the technical soundness of tournament activity, it is the player's responsibility to report a game error within 24 hours of the error in order to qualify for a refund review. In no cases will the amount of a refund exceed the entry fee.

Please note that we will not provide refunds in the event the player experiences technical or other difficulties with his/her computer, server, or Internet Service Provider (such as a faulty internet connection), or difficulties resulting from any other event that we cannot reasonably be expected to control. We will not be responsible for refunding a player's entry fee if it finds that the player tampered with a game or manipulates his/her game score in any way. In such cases, we may keep the player's entry fee and disqualify the player from the tournament. Multiple abuses may result in a player being banned from future tournament play; in addition, we reserve the right to freeze a player's account as we review possible abuse. We are also not responsible for refunding entry fees due to natural disaster, military, or terrorist actions.
If the player decides to receive a refund on his/her recent transaction of subscription fee, Dragon Chips or Golden Coins purchase, he/she can request a refund by writing to support@mahjong.com. This request can be fulfilled only within 60 days from transaction's original date. In case of a charge-back to any transaction, the account is terminated.

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