Why did the system take points from me?

Q: Why did the system take points from me?
A: The system can penalize you during a game in four basic cases:

  1. If a player claims your discarded tile for mahjong.
  2. If a player declared Mahjong Self.

When a player declares a Mahjong Self – there are different variations in payment  counting for European Classic, Mahjong Competition Rules, Hong Kong and other styles – but what  they all have in common is that all the three remaining players pay the same number of points (except European or in Riichi).

  1. Wrong mahjong.
  2. The Uma penalty.

Point “3.6.1 Winner bonus” in the Riichi Competitions Rules.
Other insubstantial penalties are: The counter penalty, Dealer penalty, Riichi Bonus penalty and other penalties which do not take any significant amount of points.

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