Some people win all the time and I rarely do. Why is that?

Q: Some people win all the time and I rarely do. Why is that?
A: Mahjong is a game of skill, and some people are more skilled than others. Your skill improves as you play, and those who win a lot of competitions started off just like you! If you've played a number of tournaments or other competitions but haven't won, here are some suggestions:

  1. Try entering the tournament with fewer players.
  2. Try playing at different times of the day, when there is a different mix of people competing.
  3. Try playing with players of your rating levels.
  4. Read the rules of the game carefully to ensure that you aren't missing any opportunities to score more points.

There are thousands of games played on our site every day and it is not enough to look at a small sample size of results like a few selected games, but to recognize both the winning streaks and losing streaks in the long term view, and we are not responsible in players' wins or losses.

Each game is given a random wall at the start and the wall is not changed during the game, and depending on how players decide to meld combinations, one may receive some tiles, and if we were to repeat the same wall again but players would decide to meld something else, you will get 2 different outcomes from two identical walls because there are 4 different players making totally individual choices of keeping or not keeping tiles in their hands.

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