Can I use someone else's credit card on my account?

Q: Can I use someone else's credit card on my account?
A: The owner of the credit card must be the account's player of record. In order to play our tournaments, you will need a credit card on your name, or you must use another form of payment. Players with duplicate accounts may find their duplicate account closed without notice and all winnings voided. Players creating duplicate accounts after being warned will be permanently banned from the game.

On some browsers, you may not see the security lock icon, which is typically displayed in the status bar at the bottom border of your browser. To help you know which pages on our site use SSL encryption, we place our Security Lock icon directly on that page. If you wish to double check, you can also right-click your mouse on a blank area of any page, then select "Properties". A pop-up window will state that the protocol type is "Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol with Privacy", and will show the level of encryption used.

Our main game page has a convenient sign-in area. Since this page has no sensitive data on it, it is not SSL encrypted; however, the player name and the password that you enter on this page are always sent to our server using SSL encryption. There is a Security Lock icon by the sign-in button to indicate this.

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